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Yes, I've been to the Caribbean. No, I'm not a Pirate.

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My professional focus areas.


I started in SEO in 2004. Its been quite a ride and I'm still on it. Technical aspects of SEO and even more importantly, site architecture is where I shine. Sitemaps, page templates and site redesigns, oh my! Developing site structures that withstand the test of time is my jam.


A lot of people think SEO is just keywords and tags. Over the years I've learned that the key to all Digital Marketing (especially SEO) is Strategy. I thoroughly enjoy working with businesses to creatively solve their problems through Strategy. Must be the gamer in me.


Do you know why your website is performing like it does? Like, really? I believe in actively testing and measuring results to come up with insights on how to improve performance. Analtyics is where you get to see the fruits of your labor and its only getting better with time.


My professional timeline.

  • 2004-2006

    3 Points: Where it all started.

    Straight out of High School and eager to start a living, 3 Points is the place that got me started. I was responsible for driving traffic to a couple of ecommerce websites we owned and eventually sold.

  • 2006-2008


    Acquired from 3 Points, I started the Search Marketing team at Americaneagle.com. During that time I managed campaigns for brands such as Chicago Bears Pro Shop, Garrett Popcorn, Stuart Weitzman, Donald J Pliner and Fence Center.

  • 2008-2010

    Netconcepts / Covario

    I decided that I had a greater passion for the organic side of search and wanted to test my might by working with some of the best in the business at Netconcepts (founded by Stephan Spencer). O'Reilly Media, Harry & David and American Blinds were some of my clients before and after being acquired by Covario (now iProspect).

  • 2010-2018

    Be Found Online (BFO)

    I started doing good ole SEO for brands like Atlantis, Nissan and Pep Boys. In my time at BFO, I built, grew and handed off the SEO team. I then moved on to manage operations of the SEO, Paid Media, Content and Analytics departments at the agency.

  • 2018 to Present

    Income Store

    My current stomping grounds! I joined the Income Store team because its a unique opportunity to grow a team focused on managing a portfolio of money-making websites. Being on the agency side for as long as I was made this even more appealing because we have control over everything we need to grow the websites we manage. Learning another side of digital marketing while also applying my existing skills to grow the team is an opportunity I could not pass up.

  • The Future!

Extraneous Tidbits

Other points of interest and sandbox subjects in no particular order.


If I could, I would probably run nothing but Linux. Its fast and helps extend the life of your hardware. Thanks to cloud based services, we're getting there. Unfortunately I still really need Microsoft Office. So I run Windows, MacOS and Linux!


Bitcoin may be the icon I use, but I am actually fascinated by blockchain technology in general. I believe Ethereum and smart contract technology in general is going to change the world and I love everything about it.


Born in the 80's, video games and computers have been a part of my entire life. I mainly stick to Real Time Strategy games (in the wee hours of the night) at this point. I like how they keep my brain active and I believe there are advantages that translate "IRL."

Web Development

Building sites is fun. I've done it both professionally and as a hobby. I decided to get more serious about it many moons ago, when I realized that the deeper an understanding of web technologies I have, the better I could become at SEO. I'm constantly hacking something together.


I am an introvert by nature, but I thoroughly enjoy meeting and getting to know people that share my interests. So please reach out if you're so inclined. ...And if you're just dropping by:
Stay classy.